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The 9 Best Sewing Blogs You Should Start Following Today

Some days it’s really hard to find inspiration for your next sewing project. On those days, you wonder what wizardry they used to create that skirt or scarf you saw on Etsy or Pinterest. Or how to fit the dress you just made a cutout for to your own curves.

I get sewer’s block too, believe me. But that’s the perfect time to pay a visit to some of my favorite sewing blogs. They give me instant inspiration when I’m lacking some, and also provide much-needed help for complex and attractive sewing projects. At times, I even use them to unwind after a busy day at work, by browsing through what’s new in the world of sewing.


You will be hard-pressed to find a seamstress that won’t recommend Mary Hariell’s Oonaballoona. And with good reason, too.

Whether she’s tackling the latest monthly sewing challenge, advocating as part of the Threads Digital Ambassador team, giving you advice on budget-friendly sewing gifts, or just sharing some of her beautiful creations, , you’ll have plenty to browse on Oonaballoona.

Hariell is known for distinct fabric prints, shapes, and beautiful pairings of seemingly unpairable material. A definite stop to check on your sewing journey if you are looking for chic inspiration, unique approaches, and a merry face.

Tilly and the Buttons

Tilly, now, that’s a girl that knows how to make mystical and challenging sewing projects come off as beautiful and inspiring. Don’t believe me? Visit her blog!

What Tilly excels in is translating complex procedures into step-by-step instructions that 3rd-graders would understand. Yep, even your kid can follow her to create gorgeous and unique pieces of clothing that can be worn every day. She’s also from across the pond, thus offering a fresh perspective on sewing and apparel. A must read.

Male Pattern Boldness

A man among the top sewing blogs? Oh yeah, this man can sew, baby!

Petter Lappin’s blog is full of vintage patterns & textures, menswear, and flawless craft. Oh, and did I mention that he himself is usually the model for his projects? Now if that’s not being dedicated to this craft, I don’t know what is.

Lappin started sewing in 2009, and since then, he’s managed to get his blog rolling pretty well.

Petter’s blog is full with varied & interesting menswear projects, such as fake fur birthday coats, safari jackets, military-inspired jumpsuits and winter jackets, and many, many more. Well worth your time.

Orange Lingerie

You thought lingerie is something you can’t make at home? Think again. As they say on the website, “Nothing beats the satisfaction of making your own custom fit lingerie”—and I’m pressed to agree.

This website is full of patterns, classes, books & other resources to help you make the best and best-suited lingerie there is. We feel the most self-confident when we wear our favorite piece. Now, instead of spending years hunting for it, you can make it on your own!

You also won’t have to worry whether it’ll fit. The founder of Orange Lingerie, Norma Loehr, wrote a book on bra construction and fitting, which ought to give you confidence that if you follow their lead, you will truly create something comfortable to wear.


Walking suits, corsets, mustard flossing, Edwardians, and partying in town hall like it’s 1865 again—if any of these strike a chord with you, then your next stop is Sallie Oleta Barbee’s blog. She’s a painter, too, so you can really see how all the creativity energy comes together in her work.

On her website, you are bound to find tasteful, handmade, and attractive vintage pieces of apparel. You will also be flabbergasted by how many layers of clothing women wore just several decades ago! And it seems like each decade we go back adds a layer to a woman’s apparel.

Of course, she’s not all about the past as there are plenty of modern pieces on her blog, so make sure to pay her a visit.

Mimi G Style

Mimi G’s website is a true hidden gem. Besides offering free tutorials, fashion & lifestyle advice, fun blog posts, and a shop on her website, she also holds the Sew It! Academy.

This woman truly is the jack of all trades when it comes to apparel and sewing. Believe me, we all have a lot to learn from her. She’s keen on sharing it, too. At times, Mimi G works side-by-side with her husband and other popular names in the sewing world.

Speaking of lifestyle, she’s really into sharing tips, advice, and her everyday experiences. She cooks with her mother, explains how to fit double-breasted jackets with jeans, tells you what style to pick for back-to-school season, and even shares recipes for some keto meals here and there.

I’m telling you, Mimi G is full of life, experience and craftsmanship, which is why I recommend that you stop by her website and salivate at all the amazing pieces she’s made. And if you feel like you’d need some help, there’s the Sew It! Academy.

Miss Maddy Sews

Although Maddy’s blog seems a bit neglected lately, it is chock-full of great ideas, sewing adventures, and vintage models. As she herself is keen to say, “I’ll always have a soft spot for full skirts, cinched waists and petticoats”.

I really love her gingham ensemble dresses, cat pyjamas, and stretch skirts & blouses. She has a plethora of categories on the website where she published content: lingerie, millinery, sleepwear and loungewear, swimwear, and vintage sewing. She also offers some tutorials, which always come in handy when I’m strapped for time and ideas.

Charm Patterns

Gertie is the author behind the widely popular Gertie’s Blog for Better Sewing. That project was scrapped in 2017 in order to leave room for some fresh blood, and that fresh blood is Charm Patterns.

Now, Gertie is someone you want to go to for that fabulous look that’s a real eye-catcher and showstopper. You know the one: larger-than-life colorful dresses, zippy & shiny shoes, electrifying hair, and clean-cut hairstyle. Fabric-covered belts, scout dresses, retro bathing suits, and pinups are all in play under her hands.

Madalynne Intimates

Lingerie, lace, and then some more lingerie – Madalynne is all over the stuff. And she’s the right person, because you will soon find out how passionate and knowledgeable she is about her trade.

Madalynne is an expert at making attractive yet functional lingerie that fits perfectly and that won’t break the bank. She also makes bodysuits and double and single piece swimwear. There are many tutorials, DIY kits, and supplies that you can find on the website, as well as some sewing classes for when you feel ready to upgrade your skills.

All in all, a great resource for your sewing endeavors.

Final Thoughts

And there you go – a list of my favorite nine websites and blogs that will blow your mind. I’ve been following most of these for years, and I always come back to them for some inspiration when I feel I’m dangerously stuck with the scissors in my hand.

There’s always a lot to learn and room to improve, and these websites will definitely help you get there. Let them inspire you to get back to work!

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