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The Best Sewing Machine Reviews

Custom clothing is becoming one of the hottest fashion trends in the world today. If you like making your own clothes – because no one else can really know exactly how you want them – or you simply like to make alterations and repairs yourself, getting your own sewing machine is a must. Sewing can also help you create amazing curtains, lovely custom purses, and many other things that you use every day.

In order to meet your needs, you’ll need one of the best sewing machines helping you out. With one amazing machine, you can fuel your creativity for years to come! However, it can be difficult to find the best sewing machine that’s also well-suited to your needs and preferences. Plus, there are a lot of sewing machines available today. Some have electronic, computerized features while others provide basic stitching patterns. So which one is right for you?

Luckily, that’s what we’re here for! We’ve rounded up the best sewing machines on the market and reviewed them in detail, so you can find the one that’s best-suited for you, depending on your skill level and budget. Make sure you read our buying guide at the end of the article, where we’ll go over the main factors you should consider when choosing your brand new sewing machine.

Best Sewing Machines

Before we get to the detailed reviews of the best sewing machines, here’s a quick overview of our favorites:

Best Overall: Brother XM2701 Sewing Machine

Brother Sewing Machine, XM2701, Lightweight Machine with 27 Stitches, 6 Included Sewing Feet

The Brother XM2701 is our pick for the best overall sewing machine because it combines versatile functionality, an affordable price, and ease-of-use all in one place. The Brother XM2701 offers plenty of stitching patterns and even a self-threading feature, a neat addition for those having trouble getting the needle to play nice with the thread. This sewing machine is also a great option for beginners to sewing.


The Brother XM2701 is a great sewing machine for all kinds of sewing projects: from everyday repairs and alterations to the creation and tailoring of custom articles, like purses, clothes, or curtains. Since it both features versatile stitching patterns and is really easy to use, it has plenty to offer to beginners and advanced sewers, alike.

The XM2701 offers 27 built-in, versatile stitching patterns that could suit all needs and tastes. This includes decorative patterns, zigzag, blind hem, as well as stretch stitches. It also has an auto-size buttonhole feature, which will take all the hassle out of making perfect buttonholes – it will do it for you. Plus, the XM2701 features a built-in free arm, which will offer versatile use to all sorts of users for various sewing projects.

Overall, this Brother sewing machine is designed with ease-of-use in mind. It has 6 quick-change sewing feet that include all the stitching basics (like the buttonholer, zipper, zigzag, blind stitch, narrow hemmer, as well as button-sewing feet). This means that whenever you need the machine for a quick fix or alteration, you’ll be able to do it rapidly without fumbling about with settings. Additionally, it has that neat automatic needle threader we talked about, a drop-in top bobbin which is jam-resistant, as well as an automatic bobbin winding system.

The sewing machine is also lightweight and compact, so it’ll be easy to find a place for it in your home. It features a cute purple flower pattern, which gives it a cozy feel.

You’ll find that the Brother XM2701 offers great value for the money. For quite an affordable price, it comes with some nifty included accessories, such as 6 sewing feet, twin needle, 4 bobbins, a 3-piece needle set, a user manual, and an instructional DVD – which some have found a bit corny, but who cares? It’s great for beginners and it may give you a laugh or two.

Lastly, the Brother XM2701 comes with a great warranty. It has a 1-year warranty for parts, labor, and accessory items, a 5-year warranty for the electronic components and circuit boards, and a 25-year warranty on the chassis casting. The company also provides free technical support online for as long as your machine is up and running.


You may not be keen on the flower print on the side of the XM2701, but you can always paint or plaster something over it.

Best Quality: SINGER Professional Serger Machine 14T968DC

SINGER | Professional 14T968DC Serger Overlock with 2-3-4-5 Stitch Capability, 1300 Stitches per minute, & Self Adjusting - Sewing Made Easy,White

Our favorite sewing machine that stands out for its top quality and exceptional features is the Singer Professional serger machine. A serger machine is somewhat different than a sewing machine in that it provides more versatility – it can cut the fabric in addition to binding it, it uses a tougher threading mechanism, and has an overall better, more durable stitch than a sewing machine. And this Singer serger machine is as good as it gets – it’s durable and extremely versatile. One drawback is that it’s quite a bit pricier than our other recommendations. We especially recommend the Singer Professional to, well, professionals and advanced sewers, looking to do some serious work.


The Singer Professional serger machine provides tougher stitching than any sewing machine. This is because while sewing machines can sew a maximum of two threads at a time, provided that you’re using a double needle, the Singer Professional has the capability for 2, 3, 4, and 5 simultaneous threads. This means that no matter what sort of material you’re sewing, it won’t come apart after regular wear and tear.

This serger machine has a lot of versatile, time-saving features which make it ideal for sewing professionals. To begin with, it can cut the material itself, so you won’t have to do any special prep before starting the project. It can also sew a seam, seam finish, and trim the excess material in one single step, a process that would normally take three times as much time and effort. The Professional is also one of the fastest machines out there, as it has an incredible maximum sewing speed of 1,300 stitches per minute. Especially when it comes to alterations and repairs, you’ll be able to get the job done in a matter of minutes.

The Singer Professional also has a very broad range of stitching patterns. Depending on the project at hand, you can choose from various options for sewing all types of hems (rolled, covered, and so on), seams, decorative edges, and lots more. In fact, it has 4 built-in rolled hem sewing options, which you can adjust using an easy-access lever. This will allow you to really get creative with your work by combining different fabrics and playing with stitching patterns.

Overall, the Singer serger machine is easy to operate – for professionals. It’s loaded with accessories that can help you out with any type of sewing project. It has a self-adjusting tension system that automatically adapts to the type of stitch setting you’ve chosen. It also has adjustable cutting width, a color-coded threading system, and options for controlling the length of stitches. But don’t be intimidated by all these features – the Singer Professional is quite easy to set up!

The Singer Professional is very sturdy, and it offers one of the best warranties on the market. The sturdy mechanism is backed by a 25-year limited warranty for the sewing machine head, a 90-day warranty for adjustments, and a 2-year warranty for the motors, wiring, and all other electronic components.


The Singer Professional serger machine is by far the priciest option on our list, so it’s not a good idea for those on a budget.

Best on a Budget: SINGER Heavy Duty 4411

SINGER | 4411 Heavy Duty Sewing Machine With Accessory Kit & Foot Pedal - 69 Stitch Applications - Simple & Great For Beginners

The Singer Heavy Duty 4411 is durable, practical, and quite affordable. It’s a heavy-duty sewing machine often characterized as a real “workhorse.” You can use it for all kinds of sewing, from home decor and fashion to crafts and alterations. The sturdy metal frame will allow you to have steady control while sewing, and the fast stitching speed will allow you to get more work done in less time! This is a great budget-friendly option, but it doesn’t sacrifice any quality for the money.


The Singer 4411 is ideal for heavy-duty sewing thanks to its durable build. It features a strong motor, a heavy-duty, durable metal frame, and a stainless steel bedplate. It can handle all sorts of fabrics, from light to heavy-weight materials. Thanks to its high sewing speed, which can reach 1,100 stitches per minute, you’ll be able to sew a wide range of fabrics quickly and efficiently.

Although the machine is a workhorse, you won’t need to become one to use it. The strong build will allow you to sew heavy-weight materials with ease and steadiness. Based on the material, you can easily adjust the pressure with the featured foot controls.

For the money, the Singer 4411 offers quite a few useful sewing features. The needle position is adjustable, so you can choose from three positions that are suitable if you want to sew on some decorations by topstitching or cording, or if you want to add a zipper. It has 11 built-in stitches, including 6 basic patterns, 4 decorative patterns, and one built-in buttonhole.

This sewing machine has a great warranty for the price – in fact, it’s the same as the other Singer options on this list. You get a 25-year limited warranty for the sewing machine head; a 2-year warranty for the motors, speed control, stitches, electronic components, wiring, and so on; and a 90-day warranty for adjustments and attachments (like belts, bulbs, and rings).


The Singer 4411 doesn’t have as many stitches as some other options on our list, so it may not be ideal for more refined or detailed sewing and clothes-making.

Best Warranty: SINGER Start 1304

SINGER | Start 1304 Sewing Machine with 6 Built-in Stitches, Free Arm Sewing Machine - Best Sewing Machine for Beginners

If you’re looking for a great warranty, the Singer Start 1304 is an excellent choice. While the warranty for most Singer machines is similar, the Singer Start combines this durability and dependable warranty with quite an affordable price. The Singer Start is quite basic and easy-to-use, which is why we especially recommend it for beginners. It’s also a great portable choice.


The Singer Start is an ideal option for beginners to sewing. Operating it is very simple and straightforward, and it comes with pre-set stitch width and length, which is a Godsend to sewing newbies. It’s still quite versatile, though, offering 57 different stitch applications, which will allow you to sew, alter, and fix all kinds of materials for fashion or home decor projects. All you need to do is select your stitch and get to it!

Another feature which makes it quite beginner-friendly is the automatic bobbin winding function. There’s a numbered diagram available on the top side of the sewing machine, which will tell you how to wind a bobbin. Once it’s been filled, the bobbin automatically stops turning.

The Singer Start is also an excellent portable option. It’s quite compact, measuring about 13 x 7 x 11.5 inches, which will allow you to fit in small rooms or cramped desks. Plus, it’s quite lightweight, weighing around 7 pounds, which will allow you to take it with you anywhere you go – like to a sewing class, for instance.

The Singer Start 1304 offers good value for your money as it’s affordable but still comes with a good deal of useful accessories. These include a darning plate, bobbins, a pack of needles and a needle plate screwdriver, spool pin felts, and different types of presser feet: an all-purpose foot, a zipper foot, and a buttonhole foot. Plus, you get useful extras like a lint brush, a seam ripper, and a quick start guide along with a comprehensive instruction manual.

And the reason it’s here: the warranty. The Singer Start has one of the best warranties on the market that you can find in its price point. Like the other Singer options, it’s backed by an incredible 25-year limited warranty on the sewing machine head, a 2-year warranty for the motors, wiring, and all other electronic components, and a 90-day warranty for adjustments and accessories. Considering that it’s an entry-level sewing machine, and you may be worried about accidentally breaking it, the warranty should put your mind at ease.


Some beginners have found the instruction manual to be lacking in sufficient detail for someone who doesn’t know anything about sewing. If that’s you, you can always supplement your knowledge with the plethora of YouTube videos on how to use this neat little machine!

What Are the Advantages of the Best Sewing Machines?

This all depends on what your needs happen to be. If you’re creative and love to sew, then a sewing machine can help you do anything from attaching a handle to a purse to attaching a spaghetti strap to a blouse. For those that love to quilt, embroidery machines can make fast work of a pattern while still giving you some customization features and providing you with a hand-stitched look. Simple sewing machines can allow you to create a straight stitch so you can create beautiful cuffs, hems, and collars.

Sewing machines also allow you to create custom fashions because sometimes, only you can create that shirt that you have set your heart on. You can get clothes that actually fit you and potentially even turn your new sewing machine into a business if you find you’ve got the sewing skills! Sewing machines also help you create curtains, blankets, and other useful items that you need every day.

To make sure you get these advantages over the course of years instead of months, it is important to pick one of the best sewing machines that the market offers. What good is a sewing machine if it smokes out in a couple of months?

Our fact-based reviews will help you find the best sewing machines at the most affordable prices so you can get the perfect combination of form and function in your home.

What Are the Different Types Available?

Sewing machines can come in several different variations. In order to choose the best sewing machine to meet your needs, you’ll need to consider what specific type of machine you’ll need.

  • Manual: These are your basic unit that can run either automatically or with the use of a foot pedal. Many of them today have about a dozen internal stitches that are built into the design of the machine so you can customize curtains, quilts, and clothing with ease.
  • Automatic: These machines operate in the same way as manual ones do, but everything is fully automated. That means you won’t have to worry about your thread tension and sometimes you can even stitch on autopilot.
  • Computerized: These machines typically have more built-in stitches, sometimes up to 600 different options. You’ll also be able to connect these machines to the Internet to download firmware updates and even more stitching patterns. The best designs in this class have USB ports and one-touch stitch selection convenience.
  • Embroidery: These are the models you’ll want if you are trying to create intricate patterns. Many of these units will also offer monogramming functions and the ability to connect quilting squares and other custom sewing items together.

Other sewing machines will give you the option to sew leather and other heavy-duty items. Serger will help you create highly customized items like ruffles! By evaluating what you hope to accomplish with this tool, you’ll be able to select the perfect category to meet your needs.

How To Choose The Right Sewing Machine: A Buying Guide

First and foremost, you’ll want to look at the operation of the bobbin when considering a sewing machine. Everything from thread tension to threading the needle lies with this one tiny spool! Look for options that allow you to quickly insert a new bobbin and pull the thread through the needle so you can get started right away. For models that need a custom bobbin, look for automatic winding features that are independent of the actual sewing mechanism.

The best models also have front-facing eyes for their needles so they are a lot easier to thread. There’s less wasted time because you don’t have to try to thread the needle from the side and try to fit your fingers or a pair of tweezers into a small area.

The best units are also heavy enough that they’ll create an established footprint where you install them. If you’re feeding material into your sewing machine and it wobbles, there’s a good chance that you’ll skip a stitch or two as a consequence. Look for good dogs that will help feed materials at consistent speeds without bunching up the material at the needle.

Sewing Machine Brands

What Are the Basics of the Best Brands?

There are a number of quality brands out there that provide a durable sewing machine. Juki, Brother, and Janome top the list, but familiar names like Singer and Bernina also produce wonderful machines that could be right for you. To determine which brand you’ll want for the machine you need, it’s important to look at the basics of what each brand can provide.

The first stop on your journey needs to be the construction of the case itself. You need a unit with a fairly heavy duty case that will give you a solid sewing footprint. If a unit is too light, then you can have it wobble around and miss stitches on you. On the other hand, if a sewing machine is too heavy, then it loses its portability options and could be incredibly difficult to maintain.

Having a model that automatically adjusts the thread tension for you is also a nice feature to have, especially if you’re just starting to learn how to sew. You can manually adjust tension and have a successful sewing experience, but if you’re not used to the process, it can be easy to break threads and needles – not to mention have your thread get caught up in the body of the sewing machine!

The best brands also incorporate an easy system of bobbin installation. Take your bobbin, load it in from the top, and then string it through to get the best results. Some systems are overly complicated and that makes it really difficult to start sewing right away. At the very least, you’ll want to look for sewing machines that offer an automatic winding process. Finding a bobbin winder that is independent of the needle mechanism is the best case scenario.

What Kind Is Right For You?

There are some different kinds of sewing machines that each brand has produced that can serve to meet some specific needs. Which one of these is right for you?

  • Serger. These machines help you put the finishing touches on any sewing project. They’ve got the capability of powering through your basic chores, but do a better job of creating the flair and frills that you’ll find on many items. You can see our collection of Serger machines reviews here.
  • Embroidery. Whether you’re creating quilt squares or you’re wanting to monogram a pillow, these sewing machines will help you quickly take care of every need you have. Many embroidery machines will only do an embroider stitch, however, so you may need to look at another sewing machine for a straight stitch. We have a dedicated page for our embroidery machine reviews.
  • All-in-one. Some brands have created sewing machines that are able to embroider while still providing serger and straight stitching options. These machines are the best in the industry and provide a professional level of quality, but also tend to come with a higher price tag as well.

Which of these sewing machines is right for you? It’s all about what your sewing needs happen to be. If you’re looking to upgrade from an entry-level model, any of these options can provide you with an exciting, affordable sewing experience! That means the best way to make a certain selection is to utilize our in-depth reviews on the best sewing machine brands. With the features and advantages you need right up front, you’ll be able to find the best machine possible.

What Are the Advantages of the Best Brands?

Each brand provides a unique advantage that can make your sewing chores easier. The best Singer sewing machine, for example, can provide you with consistent speed and quality. In our Juki sewing machine reviews, you’ll find higher levels of quality with every feature for a surprisingly good value ratio. Even the best Bernina sewing machine reviews can help you take your embroidery needs to the next level!

What advantage do you need with your sewing? Beginners are going to love a Brother or a Janome sewing machine. For those that want to step up to embroidery for the first time, Singer and Brother make some good mid-range options. If you’re ready to become a sewing professional, then the investment into a Bernina brand makes a lot of sense.

Even kids will love being able to learn to sew by using the best sewing machine brands. Look for safety features that will prevent fingers from being pinched, like automatic needle up/down commands, so that learning how to sew is a positive overall experience for them.

How Much Do the Best Cost?

If you’re shopping on a website like Amazon, you’ll find that there is a pretty extreme price range available for sewing machines. Entry-level models are priced in the $100-$200 range and will provide some basic stitching, buttonhole options, and other immediate features that you may need.

However, good quality sewing machines will usually cost you at least $200. Our recommendations for the best sewing machines for the average sewer range between $200 and $350. Although you can find cheaper options, our picks are as affordable as they can get for top quality. Plus, all of them go beyond basic stitching, and allow you to create custom models for your family and home.

On the other hand, a sewing machine that can do custom embroidery, blanket and quilt stitching, and still provide a basic sewing experience on a professional scale may cost more than $3,000! However, you definitely don’t need to dough out that much cash, even if you’re a sewing professional or thinking about turning your sewing skills into a business. Our priciest recommendation – the Singer Professional Serger Machine – can handle anything, from heavy-duty to finesse, and it’s also quite durable. And guess what – it costs way less than $3,000 – its price is only $599.99 on Amazon!

A Few Words Before You Go…

Hopefully, our reviews and buying guide of the best sewing machines have been useful in your search. Now that you know what the top options are on the market, and have considered which one has the exact features you need, you’re ready to take the next step on your journey to home-made fashion and decor. Happy sewing!

Want to see my picks for the best sewing machine one more time before you go? Here they are.

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