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Gifts for People Who Sew

People who sew are usually some of the best gift-givers, as they are able to create custom-made, useful, gifts for anyone from their circles.

But what to give to the perfect gift-giver?

Well, there are several directions you can take. For example, you can get them a completely unrelated gift, such as a book, diary, or some household gift. But if you know that sewing is their big passion, you may want to focus on that, and get them a sewing-related gift.

Now, you might not be a sew yourself, or you are, but you’re out of gift ideas for your fellow sewist friends.

Don’t worry, I got you covered. In this article, I will share some gift ideas for people who sew that you may find helpful for different persons in your life. As a sewist, I have a lot of friends who also sew, and I caught myself losing inspiration for their gifts, and I didn’t want to repeat myself each year. At first, I felt bad because I love my friends very dearly, and I am a sewist myself, so I assumed that I should always be ready with an idea.

But then I realized – it’s normal to lose inspiration, especially when life is repetitive. If you’re in the same situation, don’t beat yourself over this, and feel free to regain inspiration by checking out some of these suggestions.

Gifts for People Who Sew – Suggestions for Inspiration

Beginner’s Sewing Kit – for Those Who are Just Starting

Let’s start with the simplest and most intuitive one – if the person you want to gift is only at the beginning of their journey of becoming a sewist, perhaps you could gift them with a beginner’s sewing kit.

Sewing kits for beginners are very easy to find online, but you can also purchase all the pieces separately and compile a beginner’s sewing kit that you find the most suitable.

If you decide to go with the ready-made one, here are some good beginner’s kits that I’ve been purchasing for my friends and family members on Amazon.

Embroidex Premium Sewing Kit

Embroidex Sewing Kit for Home, Travel & Emergencies - Filled with Quality Notions Scissor & Thread - Great Gift for beginners comes with scissors, needles, measuring tape, pins, strings of various colors, and other sewing tools a beginner may need at the beginning of your sewing journey.

The kit comes in a convenient package, making it easy to pack and carry when traveling, as well as to find a place for it in the house, without occupying too much space.

GOANDO Sewing Kit

Goando sewing kit for experienced sewists comes in a slightly different format. It contains a fabric pen, rotary cutter, scissors, measuring tape, scalpel, and different types of pins and needles, and a cutting board. There is also a broad range of threads, uni and multicolored, as well as thimbles and decorative buttons.

Wee Cosy

If you’re looking for something simple and travel-friendly, this is another sewing kit compactly packed into a smaller package, and containing everything you may need for a simpler sewing project: scissors, pins, safety pins, needles, threads, fabric pencil, and a measuring tape.

Colored Bird

The Colored Bird sewing kit is a very good kit, perhaps my favorite, as it comes in a nice package, and contains all of the sewing project basics- needles, pins, scissors, a variety of helpful tools, but also, buttons, single-colored threads, and multi-colored threads.

Decorative Pins

If the person you’d like to gift is already an experienced sewer and basically “has everything”, you can always opt-in for a gift that is “always necessary”, and in the case of sewists, it would be pins, for example. Although needles and threads also fall into this category, pins are a slightly better option, because you can find many sellers online who sell pins with decorative heads.

Here are some of my favorites for inspiration.


You can purchase this cutest set of two hedgehog pin cushions that come in brown and blue colors, along with a box of butterfly pins..


Another great gift choice is this set of pastel multi-color pins with decorative heads sold by Hovesty.


I absolutely adore this colorful set of sewing pins by Singer, available for purchase on Amazon. These are classical pins every sewist can’t have too many of.

Set of Fabrics

A simple package of several pieces of fabric, especially if nicely aligned by color/material type, can be an excellent gift choice for your sewing friends.

Fabric is very often sold in sets, and depending on the occasion, you can find many variations. For example, if you’re preparing a Christmas gift, you can find some lovely Christmas-theme decorated patterned fabric sets, or if it’s for a less-themed occasion, you can gift this colorful, floral-designed 50-pieces fabric set. Finally, sets of single-colored fabrics are also available on Amazon, for example, I personally prefer this pre-cut cotton that comes in a variety of colors.

Small Iron

Mini irons are usually one of those things that we know would make our life easier, but we never actually allocate our savings for that, and keep doing things “the hard way”.

I am sure you can list at least 5 home appliances that you didn’t get based on this same logic.

So, it is very probable that your friend who is a sewist doesn’t possess this little life-saver. Try to find out whether that is true or not, and in the meantime, here are some recommendations for a proper small iron.

Steamfast Steam Small Iron

This comes with many great perks. It has super-fast heating up time – it heats 1.5 ounces of water in only 15 seconds, so it eliminates long waiting when the sewist is in a rush to finish their project. The iron is very powerful for its size – 420 watts, so it is expected that any wrinkles will be removed, regardless of the fabric type. It’s lightweight, easy to maneuver or travel anywhere with it.

Oliso M2 Mini Project

This mini sewing iron comes at a slightly higher price, but it’s among the highest quality mini irons you will find on the market. Its 1000 watts give it exquisite power, considering its compact size and lightweight design. The heating temperature is very quick, it can reach the highest temperature in only 45 seconds. Some other benefits are that it’s made of non-stick ceramics and has a long warranty.

LED Table Lamp

While DIY sewing projects are often challenging, inspiring, and cognition developing, they can also be tiring for your eyes if your workspace isn’t properly lit.

The thing is that sewing requires long-term focus on small objects, strings, and holes and if this is often conducted under improper or insufficient light, the sewist may start getting tired and sore eyes. Help your sewist friend save their vision by gifting them a good led table lamp.

Here are some of Amazon’s finest led lamp sellers.

Lastar LED Lamp

A simple, black, elegant floor led lamp that comes with four brightness adjustments and 3000-5000 K color temperature for an affordable price.

Everstore’s Dimmable LED Lamp

Everstore’s model comes with 7 different adjustable brightness levels, making it ideal for long projects that last for several hours and require adjustments of light depending on the part of the day. This lamp comes in black and white color, and has both a rotatable head and base.

AFROG Table LED Lamp

This model doesn’t differ much from the previous ones, so it can be considered as a good enough alternative to them. It comes in white color, looks quite neutral and elegant, and has a wireless phone charger installed on the base.

Dott Arts LED Lamp With Display

Although not very stylish looking, this led lamp is one of my personal favorites because it’s rechargeable (works with USB charger), has an LCD display with a clock, alarm, thermometer, and calendar. Light is adjustable in three modes, and the LEDs used have eye-saving properties. Highly affordable.

Iron-Off Pen

If the person you want to gift is a gadget-lover, they will certainly love this kind of present. We are talking about a pen that can be erased when put in contact with iron heat.

The concept is super-simple, but also super-useful, because ironing is usually the last step of any sewing process, and so you can expect to erase your fabric pen marks at the same time.

In my opinion, this is an excellent gift gadget for an experienced sewist who already “has everything they need.” This gift is also highly affordable, as it can cost as little as $9 per package of markers.

Some of the best Amazon sellers when it comes to iron-off markers are:

Madam Sew

Excellent quality markers, attractive package, and tube, an ideal choice for a gift.

The package can contain one durable, long-lasting marker, or several smaller ones in different colors.

Outus Magic Pens

A set of 4 excellent-quality black iron-off pens would be my strong recommendation from this seller. They come with four filler patrons for each pen color.

CampTek Set

This set involves sewing chalk, markers, and pens for a very affordable price. If you have a friend whose sewing projects require lots of fabric markings (e.g. dresses), I would opt-in for this one. Plus, it’s very cheap!

Wrapping It Up

Choosing a gift for a friend who is a fellow sewist is not so easy, since you can easily run out of ideas. However, I hope this guide has helped you spark some inspiration and get an idea of what to give to people who sew.

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