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15 Sewing Projects to Sell Right Now

Earning a living by selling your beloved creations is an immense joy. However, becoming a full-time artist can be quite challenging as there are so many amazing craft shops these days. To be able to monetize your sewing projects, you need to be in tune with what people need and want at the moment without sacrificing your unique style and aesthetic, so that you can still stand out from the rest.

So, what kind of sewing crafts can sell well on platforms like Etsy, IndieMade, and Amazon Handmade? I’ve selected 15 of the hottest sewing projects right now to help you get inspired. If you’re in the mood, try more than one of these project.

1. Canvas Tote Bags

I’m sure you’ve already noticed that canvas tote bags have become part of pretty much every celebrity’s street style. Aside from being eco-friendly, these popular accessories are also extremely versatile, which makes them such a great buy. People use them as a green alternative to single-use plastic bags as well as to tie casual outfits together.

If you decide on this simple yet lovely sewing project, make sure to use high-quality materials. Don’t be afraid to play with colors (not everyone wants a white/beige bag) and/or add subtle embroidered details, like flowers or short, witty quotes. Oh, and keep in mind that offering multiple design options is always a huge plus.

2. Drawstring Bags and Backpacks

Drawstring bags are some of my favorite things to sew and sell. They are in high demand right now thanks to their versatility—they can be used as makeup or reusable gift bags as well as tossed into existing handbags for better organization (as a storage space for keys, smartphones, and other personal belongings). If you decide to sell your drawstring pouches to women who use menstrual cups, organic cotton would be the smartest fabric choice.

Drawstring backpacks are another beautiful sewing project that can sell well. You can make lightweight and colorful ones for little girls and/or minimalist cotton canvas ones with handy features like internal and external pockets for highschoolers and gym-goers.

3. Scrunchies

Carrie Bradshaw might not believe it, but scrunchies are in vogue again! Instagram is full of young models and influencers sporting this iconic 90s hair accessory. Some like to wear scrunchies as wrist pieces, too.

When it comes to materials, satin and velvet should be at the top of your list. Since these are rather easy and inexpensive to make (they don’t require much fabric), consider offering your customers numerous color options or selling them in packages of several colors. In addition to black and white, sew some up in bright hues such as scarlet red, mustard yellow, purple, and pink. You might also want to make a floral print collection for little girls.

4. Knot Headbands

If hair accessories are your niche, you should definitely add knot headbands to the range. These hair pieces are both stylish and practical. They come in handy when exercising, cooking, cleaning, and doing other household chores.

For this project, pick various cute printed fabrics, but don’t trade quality for aesthetic appeal. You should always try your best to achieve both.

5. Yoga Mat Straps

Yoga mats have become an essential part of a number of physical activities. As COVID-19 restrictions loosen in many parts of the world, folks will return to their favorite fitness classes and studios, meaning they’ll need to carry their personal mats. Design and sew up a durable yoga mat carrier in multiple colors to cater to all your customers’ wants and needs.

6. Laptop Sleeves

Laptop Sleeve

Laptop sleeves are such a cute way to protect your device and bring it along wherever you go. Go with a sturdy material for this sewing project (faux leather is a good option) and consider adding a zipper for increased safety. Internal pockets are another amazing feature as they provide extra room for earpods, pens, and other tiny items.

7. Table Runners

Handmade table runners are a fantastic way to add personality, colors, and texture to dining rooms, living rooms, and bedrooms. You can sew several different designs and sizes so all your customers have the chance to create a cohesive look.

If you decide to focus on formal table runners, satin, silk, polyester, and organza are the best fabrics to use due to their smooth and shiny surface. Cotton, linen, twill, and bamboo are ideal for casual and rustic table settings. When it comes to colors, it’s smart to stick with calm and subtle hues like cream, ivory, peach, and white, as these can match many people’s personal style. Minimalist prints are welcome, too.

8. Outdoor Seat Cushions

Secondhand shopping is becoming increasingly popular. Many people enjoy furnishing their homes with vintage finds, including old outdoor furniture sets. These folks right here are the ones you’re going to sell your handmade seat cushions to as many of them want to revamp their chairs so they can complement their gardens or patios. Choose at least one modern and one classic fabric print and be careful not to go overboard with the foam.

9. Floor Pillows

Giant floor pillows are a must for families with little children and/or puppies. Kids love playing on the floor, but parents can benefit from them, too! Floor seating makes every activity more relaxed and intimate—people use them for reading, watching movies with their loved ones, and even for sleepovers. If families are your target customers, this must be your next project to sew and sell.

10. Reading Pillows

Sewing reading pillows isn’t exactly the easiest project, but if you’re confident in your skills, you should give it a try. Both parents and children love these pillows as they make for a gorgeous decorative addition to kids’ rooms and a super-fun way to store bedtime story books.

Opt for a soft yet durable fabric and a lively design to strike a balance between comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. After all, your reading pillows will be used for long reading and snuggling sessions.

11. Stuffed Animals and Cartoon Characters

Stuffed animals are without a doubt one of the easiest sewing crafts to sell. You can stitch up elephants, lions, giraffes, dogs, cats, dinosaurs, or literally any other animal species. Kids love cartoon characters and animated heroes, so this is another place you can draw inspiration from. Go with happy colors like red, orange, pink, and yellow. Pastel hues such as lilac, peach, and light pink can cheer kids up, too.

12. Baby Bibs

You can expand your kids’ selection with toddler bibs as well. These are simple and quick to sew, and can be made in countless styles. Just make sure to use a high-quality cotton fabric so parents feel encouraged to choose your unique creations over their mass-produced counterparts and pay more. You can sell them separately or pair them with diaper bags and offer them as a set.

13. Diaper Bags

If you don’t shy away from complex and time-consuming sewing projects, diaper bags might be right up your alley. New moms (and dads!) need all the help they can get to stay organized and take good care of their little ones, so sew spacious and sturdy diaper bags with many compartments for all their supplies. Consider using eye-catching printed fabrics and/or offering your customers the option to embroider their baby’s name on the bag. Not many parents can say ‘no’ to personalized diaper bags/backpacks.

14. Makeup Remover Pads

Want to turn your store into a one-stop shop for sustainable personal care items? Then you need to start sewing reusable makeup remover rounds ASAP! These won’t make you rich, but they’ll definitely sell, especially if their price is competitive.

When it comes to fabrics, I suggest going with cotton, fine velvet, fine corduroy, or flannelette for the soft side. For the rough side, many fabrics can do the trick, including coarse cotton, denim, and muslin. Steer clear of light colors as these will stain.

15. Dog Bandanas

Nowadays, more and more people choose to adopt a pooch and experience the joy of pet ownership. Dog bandanas are hugely popular because pooches look adorable wearing them, but also because they can help calm the dog. How exactly can that be done? By putting a stress relief spray on them, of course.

Make these accessories in various sizes so every dog can sport your creations. You could also offer your customers the chance to embroider their animal companion’s name on the bandana.

Final Words

In addition to the above-mentioned projects, you can also add fabric keychains, electronic cord organizers, quilted coasters, pillow covers, hanging bathroom organizers, homemade heating pads, and koozies to your collection. The possibilities are practically endless.

Don’t be afraid to bring your innovative ideas to life, but play it smart. One of the quickest and easiest ways to test demand for your products is to simply ask—ask your loyal customers (if you’ve already set up an Etsy shop), your friends, and your family. Checking out your competition won’t hurt, either.

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