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Review: Juki Pearl Line I Want It All Package

Review: Juki Pearl Line I Want It All Package Kristina Pearson

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Do you want a sewing machine package that will give you everything you want to get your sewing chores completed quickly? Are you looking for a machine that offers easy threading options and the chance to create accurate seams? The “I Want It All Package” from Juki could be exactly what you want! Priced at $500 on Amazon, it offers disengaging loopers so that threading is fast and easy. With 2/3/4 thread options and a built-in sewing gauge to assist with seam work, your sewing chores are completed quickly with this high quality machine!

What Key Features Does This Sewing Package Have?

The primary feature that we really enjoyed with this particular sewing machine is the fact that it can perform all of the popular variations that are available in today’s clothing and stitching. Overlock and flatlock stitching is available, as is the rolled hemming that helps to create the unique look that you want. The presser feet just snap into place and you’ll get 50 needles included with this all-in-one sewing machine package.

There are these additional features to consider with the Juki Pearl Line as well:

  • you’ll get 8 feet that come with this machine so that blind stitching, elastic tape sewing, cording, and beading are all possible;
  • it has a differential feed feature that will help anyone complete their sewing chores quickly and easily; and
  • this particular package offers Maxi-Lock thread for you to get started straight out of the box thanks to its easy threading.

If you are looking for a great serger, then the Juki Pearl Line is a very viable option, especially when you consider the value that comes with all of the extra items. This isn’t just some cheap, discounted package that won’t deliver on the value that is promised. Even the carrying case is padded!

Is There an Advantage To Using This Sewing Machine?

We really loved the included instructional materials that come with this Juki. A good serger can be quite intimidating to people who have never used one before, especially if you’re used to a pretty standard, entry-level sewing machine. It has an all-metal construction as well and all of the accessories you need to get started come straight out of the box. If you’re looking for high value at a fair price, this all-in-one package offers you what you need!

It’s difficult to find anything that could be improved with this machine. There aren’t any shortcuts that were taken in its construction. You get workbooks and instructions to help learn specific stitches and threading it isn’t as difficult as it looks at first. You can get sewing right away, it works like a dream, and you’ll be able to finish any sewing chore in a fraction of your expected time. That’s why this package gets our recommendation today!

Click here to look at pricing on Amazon and buy theJuki Pearl Line I Want It All Package.

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