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Review: Juki Portable Serger MO644D

Review: Juki Portable Serger MO644D Kristina Pearson

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JUKI MO644D Portable Serger, White

Do you need a high quality sewing machine that is jam-packed with features to help you get the toughest sewing chores completed at home? Are you looking for a machine that doesn’t need to sew heavyweight fabric so you can save a bit of cash? This Juki portable serger is a pretty amazing machine at an even better price. This sewing machine has a powerful knife system with a dedicated drive mechanism that is perfect for light and medium-weight fabric. It’s the perfect addition to any home!

What Key Features Does the Juki Portable Serger Have?

When we took a look at this Juki sewing machine, we really loved how smoothly the serger operated. It’s equipped with a 2/3/4 thread serger with an automatic rolled hem. Instead of jamming up while feeding the fabric through like so many other sergers can do, this Juki keeps plugging along with a happy hum! You can easily increase your productivity by 30% just by switching from a standard lightweight sewing machine to the Juki portable serger.

There are these additional features to consider with this sewing machine as well:

  • it offer color-coded threading with a breakaway looper adjustment so that you can have a differential feed and adjust the stitch lengths to meet your needs;
  • presser feet are available for this machine so that you can use it for piping, cording, and gathering if you wish; and
  • the upper knife automatically moves out of the way so that threading access won’t nick your fingers like some of the older machines could do.

Although it can power through a number of different materials, we really loved how this machine could put a good stitch into denim. The thread tension was consistent throughout, even when dealing with the thicker inseams that a denim garment requires. Combine that with the flexibility to attach elastic without knotting or skipped stitches and you’ve got a remarkably versatile machine.

Is There an Advantage To Owning This Specific Sewing Machine?

At first look, the Juki portable serger might seem a bit intimidating, especially if you’ve never used a serger before. It’s a bit tough to thread the machine without some additional tools, like a pair of tweezers, because of the small spaces, but that can be quickly conquered. This sewing machine is truly lightweight and portable, giving every home an advantage. It is also incredibly easy to switch from 2/3/4 depending on your needs or swap out the presser feet if you make the additional investment into them, which is where this sewing machine’s true advantage lies.

The tricky part of the threading process is through the tower. It can be difficult at times to keep the tower from moving and believe me – that’s a frustrating experience when you’ve got to keep re-threading! Give yourself a few practice sessions, get the feeling of how the machine likes to be threaded, and your patience will pay off.

For a serger, this is one excellent machine. We really loved it and feel like you will too. It can meet your needs for a pretty amazing price and that’s why we believe it is one of the best sewing machines today.

JUKI MO644D Portable Serger, White
  • 2/3/4 Thread serger with automatic rolled hem
  • Color coded threading breakaway looper adjustment for stitch length and differential feed
  • Powerful knife system with dedicated drive mechanism. Sewing Speed - Max. 1500 spm
  • Sews light to medium weight fabric

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