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Review: Bernina Artista 635 Limited Edition Quilting and Embroidery Machine

Review: Bernina Artista 635 Limited Edition Quilting and Embroidery Machine Kristina Pearson

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Bernina Artista 635 Limited Edition Sewing, Quilting and Embroidery Machine with Embroidery Module

Are you looking for a professional grade sewing machine that will let you take care of any quilting or embroidery chore? Do you want something that will stitch at an amazing speed without compromising the integrity of your embroidery or stitching? The Bernina Artista might be one of the most expensive home sewing machines on the market today, but this investment is one that will immediately pay off for you. With nearly 1000 stitches per minute and an embroidery speed near 700 stitches per minute, you’ll be able to create amazing works of art faster than ever before.

What Features Does the Bernina Artista Have?

When looking at this highly sophisticated sewing machine, the first feature that really stands out is the included freehand system included with the design. You’ll be able to create items that look like they were hand-stitched with ease using the Bernina Artista 635 so that you can leave your signature touch every time. Stitch animation helps you plot out what you need to do and the large color touchscreen helps to bring patterns to life before you get to work.

Here are some other features to consider when looking at the Bernina Artista 635 as well:

  • it offers an infinitely adjustable presser foot pressure so that you can always optimize the fabric feed so that a perfect seam is had every time, no matter how thick or delicate the material;
  • there is a separate winder motor that lets you wind bobbins while you are sewing or embroidering, helping you save even more time; and
  • a USB interface is combined with several control knobs to help you completely customize any design or stitch with ease.

If you’re looking for an incredible machine that can do just about everything, then you’re looking for the Bernina Artista 635. This limited edition sewing machine will like you maximize your creative abilities with every stitch!

What Advantages Does the Bernina Artista 635 Bring With It?

We recommend that you spring for the optional stitch regulator that Bernina has developed to work with their Artista 635. It’s a first of its kind sewing technology that let’s you get uniform stitch lengths even when you are free motion quilting. It doesn’t matter what the sewing speed settings are because the results will always be consistent. You can even do zigzag stitches with this regulator and create uniform, beautiful results.

In some ways, this sewing machine is almost too complicated. There is a definite learning curve that is associated with this product, but if you’ve done embroidery in the past or already sew professionally, you’ll catch right on with what the Artista 635 is able to do.

If you’re ready for a machine that can outperform its competition and you want an all-in-one solution that can meet all of your sewing needs, then the Bernina Artista 635 is the tool you’re going to want. It will help you get any job done better and that’s why it is the best sewing machine available today.

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